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do you ever get your period and just think about your recent behavior like wow that explains a lot

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Solar Road Trip

"Mom! Earth threw a satellite at me!!" said all the other planets.

"Mom," Pluto wailed, "Earth is saying I’m not a real planet again!" 

this is cute. 

poor pluto :(


you’ll always be real 

I love how our entire generation all take Pluto not being an official planet anymore as a personal insult

^^^ yessss

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"If I consider someone to be one of mine, then they’ll always be one of mine. I’ll always take care of them."

“During these nine months, as we had our break time, I think we grew to know each other better… And during this time, so many things happened and we grew more mature and learned to truly love and care for each other.”

“Hello! I’m Sleepy Head Jessica whom you can’t wake up even after 10 tries.”

“We stay fresh by being silly!”

“A soccer ball. It came from the sky and it hit me.”

“I wish SNSD’s way down can be more beautiful than anyone else’s and that we will enjoy what we have right now. I wish we would all do things with a positive mind.”

“SNSD is a group of 9 girl female students. We’re pretty one by one as well,but its when we’re all together that we can really shine.“

“We have a unique lineup and maybe that makes us a complete girl group.“

“Being cold is something I must always have. To protect SNSD.”

“They say if you fall, someone who loves you will lend a hand for you, I have 8 pairs of hands always ready to hold me back up when I stumble.”

Quotes by Jessica Jung (Jung Sooyeon)
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teacher: wheres your homework

me: *swings a really big sword*

teacher: holy shit

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do you ever see an art style and just go

 oh my go d


it’s so beaut iful

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Height differences tho :’>

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[sees picture of favorite character’s face] [covers own face with hands] [makes frustrated noises]

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Jessica: *wakes up from 34hour nap*
*Checks phone and goes on the internet*
"SNSDs Jessica says she is leaving SNSD*
Jessica: *looks ahead*
Jessica: I am?
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